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WARNING: This product can cause mouth cancer.
WARNING: This product can cause gum disease and tooth loss.
WARNING: This product is not a safe alternative to cigarettes.
WARNING: Smokeless tobacco is addictive.

We also carry a full line of rolling machines, filters, and tubes for cigarette making, as well as tobacco pouches, humidors and canisters.

Our Tobacco Blends

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Non-aromatic Latakia Blends:
Country Constable: A hearty English blend combining Smyrna, Lemon Virginia, and Oriental grades - high in Latakia content.
Gaffer's Leaf: A Danish version of a traditional English blend, but it is mild and doesn't bite. A very easy to smoke English.
John's Mix: Light and cool. Burley-based, with just a touch of Latakia for a bright flavor - for those who don't enjoy Virginias.
Prime Minister: The ultimate natural English blend, with a mix of mellowed Georgian, flue-cured Virginia, over-ripe Virginia, Turkish Smyrna, Zichna-Basna, Greek Macedonian & Russian Black Sea Souchum tobaccos. Enhanced by the addition of Cyprus Latakia and Tennessee White Burley.

Dunhill Bulk Tobaccos:
(P) Early Morning Match: Sweet Oriental carefully blended with bright and red Virginias. A great "first pipe" or all day smoke.
965 Match For the connoisseur of full-bodied tobacco. One of Dunhill's finest.
Non-aromatic (no Latakia) Blends:
Diplomat: Mild Burley, made in Denmark. This blend may be mixed with nearly all of our other blends and is a great straight smoke.
London Burley: Made in Denmark from White Burley tobaccos, well matured in flasks. A very distinct, ready rubbed Burley tobacco.
Red Dublin: A style of English Virginia that has seldom been seen in America. This light, mature Virginia tobacco is an affable companion to the connoisseur of quality in a light tobacco.
Safari: An exciting, yet smooth, rich African blend that will offer a smoker a refreshing change of pace.
Virginia Smooth: Another Danish flake tobacco, this is the smoothest Virginia blend we have found.

Aromatic Blends:
Arcadian Mixture: superior Golden African Virginias, Burleys and mild Black Cavendish tobacco expertly blended to provide an excellent taste, aroma and smoking quality. It has a vanilla and nut flavor.
Aspen: Our answer to Captain Black regular. Just the right proportion of Golden Virginia and Burleys to give the Toasted Cavendish a zesty new dimension - a perfect all-day smoke.
Black and Burley: Exceptionally mild, this blend has a distinct vanilla taste and aroma.
Black Coral: A rich, Green River Burley-based blend with the lip-smacking taste of real vanilla.
Burley Cake: Based in Burley, this light vanilla may well satisfy the smoker who considers Black Coral too heavy.
Centennial: A master Danish blend of classic raisin and vanilla flavored Cavendish, mixed with natural orange flavored Brights.
Champagne: A subtle hint of french berries characterize this elegant mixture of premium Virginia and mature Black Cavendish.
Cherry Gold: The mildest Cherry Cavendish you'll ever smoke - smooth, cool, and pleasant to the smoker's palate.
Cypress: A combination of aromatic Burley slices (rubbed) and our own Black Coral. You'll love it!
Evening Mix: Just like Captain Black, with Green River dark and bright Burleys with a hint of flavor - an all day smoke.
French Vanilla: A combination of flavors from vanillan and genuine vanilla extract - mild, pleasant, and satisfying.
Grand Marnier: A mixture of lemon, Burley-Virginia Cavendish and black ribbon - all top noted with orange liqueur. It has a mellow nutty flavor and a truly refined aroma.
Green Mountain: Blended from fine quality, golden flue-cured Virgina, with a touch of aromatic Cavendish - smokes sweet.
Hazelnut: Mild and pleasant, this blend has a true hazelnut aroma and taste - gets better as you smoke it all day.
Heather Honey: A classic golden mixture consisting of ripe Carolina Virginia tobaccos, Cavendish pressed and cut to perfection with just the right amount of special processed Black Cavendish.
Heather Raspberry: A combination of correctly proportioned Golden Virginia, Light Burley and Black Cavendish tobaccos providing a mild sweet aromatic blend with possibly the best European raspberry flavor existing today.
Hunter's Delight: A mild Virginia Cavendish, comprised of lemon and orange Carolina and Virginia tobaccos with some Brazilian lemon added for zest - a high grade blend, perfect anytime.
Latte: a rich creamy coffee blend of burleys and other special secret ingredients that we blend togethe for your enjoyment medium body
Mad Cow: A rich blend of fermented dark Cavendish, nutty and medium bodied.
Mithril: A golden Cavendish, blended with a hint of fire-cured to provide a scintillating taste and aroma - our best seller!
Mocha Black: If you like coffee and dark chocolate, you're sure to love this rich Black Cavendish.
Nighthawk: This is one popular smoke. A combination of unflavored Burley and a secret flavored, air-cured Burley. This blend is good for all day.
Nougat: One of our very different, fully aromatic blends. This one is cool, rich, and holds its fire well.
Optimum: Matured Virginias and mild Burleys blended with fire-cured, sweet Black Cavendish. It's flavored with pure rum and vanilla bean - created for the smoker who wants only the very best in smoking pleasure.
Oriental Cherry: A perfect mixture of Cherry and Black Cavendish, artfully blended to give an extremely mild cherry vanilla taste and aroma.
Packard's Blend: This is a rum and maple blend of a much higher quality than normally found in grocery or drug stores.
Philosophy: A combination of Black Coral and a Whiskey Cavendish. The wham bang flavor is as satisfying as the aroma.
Southern Star: Fire-cured Cavendish tobaccos, discreetly flavored to produce an extremely mild, slow burning, cool smoke.
Strawberry Daiquiri: Cool and refreshing with the fragrance of fresh strawberries, it's lightly laced with rum and a hint of citrus- light bodied, a really delightful smoke.
Sweet Berry: A mild blend of Virginians and Toasted Cavendish with mild essences of berry flavors a very cool slightly sweet smoke.
Three Star Blue: Iwan Reis's private aromatic blend, only he knows what's in it. A real treat.
Whiskey: A medium blend flavored Cavendish for that Kentucky taste.
NOTE: For those customers with special needs or tastes in tobacco,
we will work on a special blend until we come up with something that is just right!
  Premium Blends
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  1# $66.75   1# $75.75 1# $90.00
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Current as of 1/21/2015.
Tobacco Variety Packs
3 Pack 13.99 6 Pack 26.50

WARNING: This product can cause mouth cancer.
WARNING: This product can cause gum disease and tooth loss.
WARNING: This product is not a safe alternative to cigarettes.
WARNING: Smokeless tobacco is addictive.